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Virtual reality and education

Virtual reality and education
02 Aug 2023

Many people associate virtual reality with entertainment area. Intense development of VR couldn’t but affect educational and scientific processes. Wide usage of virtual reality technologies makes process of education easier and more interesting.  

Usage of VR technology for education.

The great benefit of VR usage in educative process is the form of education based on games. It’s more interesting for people than meagre theoretical knowledge.   
When you study materials with the help of VR, you benefit from its great advantage — visualization. Simulation allows to learn details or use practical knowledge.
Engagement with the process of studying is a differentiating feature. A person focuses better, effectiveness of training increases. There're no distracting external irritants because you can program learning scenarios individually for every person.   
Conducting complex chemistry and physics experiments is safe for students. Mastering driving skills or practicing surgery is safe because situations are simulated.

VR educative projects.

One might think that VR technologies for education aren’t available for most people. However, there're already successful educative programs that are being constantly improved and are available in different sources.  
You can find educational content in App Store, Google Play and Steam catalogues. Many users have already seen 360° videos on YouTube, allowing to visit another country or even go to space.  
There’re a lot of educational projects. You can get new skills or learn something new thanks to the projects such as:   — The VR Museum of Fine Art. The users plunge into the simulation of the world’s museums and learn about works of art. They can read detailed descriptions on information boards near every exhibit items;— 3D Organon VR Anatomy. The first ever platform with integrated hypersonic simulator. One can develop practical skills and study human anatomy without using extra equipment and devices. The program helps health care experts to learn more.  — Google Earth VR. It’s an already widely known method to learn about the planet without leaving your room. A participant can view sightseeing attractions from all over the world, control the time of day, change the height of their position in space;   — The Body VR. This project allows to get into the human body, see blood circulatory system and blood vessels, understand what certain cells are responsible for, get their full description and save it as a note;— Universe Sandbox 2. Gravitative space simulator based on physics. It shows percussion and interaction of projects in the universe. You can destroy and create space objects. This project allows to study astronomy visually. You can watch the processes you can’t watch in real life.  

VR prospects in education area.

Active development of VR technologies means that this practice will be used widely in the near future. At the moment such factors as expensive devices make integration of VR into education system impossible.   
Many education projects are at the stage of pilot version. The amount of research studies about this technology grows. It’s expected that, in the near future, educational materials about using VR in schools and universities will appear, as well as usage recommendations.   
Virtual reality isn’t only a great idea for business, it’s a breakthrough in educational area. If you decide to start a VR arena, you can easily implement other programs that help kids and adults to study.

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