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VR headsets for your business

VR headsets for your business
06 Nov 2023

Interest in virtual reality grows quickly in entertainment area. A trip like that seemed to be inaccessible and expensive thing. It’s impossible to imagine VR immersion without special equipment. Now, you don’t have to get into heavy iron machines or stereoscopes, everything gets connected quickly, easily and conveniently. In this article, we will consider special aspects of the technology and tell you how VR headsets work.  

What are VR headsets needed for?

Virtual reality is transmitted via projection of the picture. VR headsets are the main equipment for immersing into virtuality. This technology creates an illusion of three-dimensional picture. Three-dimensional picture, sound and interaction with the environment allow to experience an action and feel another world.
VR headsets can be used for business in different way. They are used for digital entertainment, and also for learning, architecture and design.  
Constant development of the technology brings virtual reality to a new level.   A VR headset can help you to improve your mood and get emotions different from regular rest.  

How do VR headsets work?

Virtual reality headsets are special equipment for creating an illusion of 3D image. The display is located as closely to the eyes as possible, that’s why the lens of a VR headset help to focus your eyes in the way making the world look realistic. The picture is transmitted in rotation, but at high frequency, and it feels tridimensional.
One more element is stereo headphones built into a headset – they create vividness of the sounds around you. Trackers track body position and the tilt of head. Special controllers are responsible for imitation of tactile interaction with VR world. The feeling of complete immersion into virtual reality is reached thanks to the combination of all elements in a device.   

How to choose a VR headset?

VR headset popularity in digital entertainment area peaks. A lot of fakes enter the market. It’s hard for beginners to choose from such a variety of technologies. We use wireless headsets Oculus Quest 2 and PICO 4 in WARSTATION virtual reality arena. Their characteristics are suitable for maximum immersion, high resolution of the picture and complete freedom. These are convenient and well-tried devices – our partners choose them for years. Our team keeps abreast of technologies, that’s why we work with the best equipment.     

Trust professionals when choosing a virtual reality franchise. WARSTATION partners get official equipment in a package offer. A reliable supplier is a key to confidence in quality and continuous operation. You will easily deal with settings, and if you need help, our managers are always in touch.

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