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A new reality in the Warstation arena

A new reality in the Warstation arena
24 Nov 2022

Imagine that you are a warrior of grand battle on a spaceship. Together with the team, you are making your way through the unknown expanses of Mars. And what if you decided to wander around the jungle alone or ride a roller coaster.

What does WARSTATION’s arena of the future look like? This is a room equipped for safe and fun game. Innovative technologies provide free movement without heavy equipment. Players wear modern OCULUS QUEST 2 headsets and gamepads. This is all you need to move into virtual reality.

WARSTATION is a profitable business that is ahead of the future. The games in the virtual reality make unrealistic things tangible. Launching the arena does not require scratching your head in search of equipment, new ideas or millions in funds. We have prepared everything for you and offer a real business that will surprise audiences of any age.

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