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Additional accessories for VR headsets

Additional accessories for VR headsets
26 Dec 2022

One of the most frequent problems that VR arena owners face is the necessity to constantly recharge the equipment. Battery charge is not always enough for the whole game process and it often goes dead at the most inappropriate moment. At the moment when customers are eager to continue playing and ask for prolongation. What to do in such cases? We already have a solution - an external battery pack for Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets with additional accessories. This device will increase playing time in virtual reality and protect your equipment from any damage.

The set includes:
- a battery pack with an adjustable strap;
- a protective shell for a headset;
- a protective shell for controllers.

With such a set, you can forget about the problem of continuous game interruptions to recharge the equipment, thus you can explore the VR universe without limitations. The upgraded additional battery pack will grant you 2 more hours of the game process. And more time for entertainment means more customers.

Silicone shells for glasses and controllers provide full-fledged protection of the equipment. Shells protect a VR headset from vibrations and hits, as well as from scuff marks, scratches, chips, and other mechanical damages which are often unrecoverable. Dressed in protective shells, equipment in your club will last even longer.

The device is made of durable lightweight ABS plastic. The weight between the front and back parts of the VR headset is perfectly balanced, and pressure on the player's face is reduced - the device provides maximum comfort during the game.

This unique additional device for VR equipment can be already purchased in our online shop.

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