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Additional opportunities to earn money with the VR arena

Additional opportunities to earn money with the VR arena
31 Jan 2023

The virtual reality arena is a growing business with a stable income that can always be increased. We'll tell you how you can have an additional profit when opening a VR club.

Before introducing new arena services, make an approximate portrait of potential customers. Based on their preferences and needs, choose the ideas you can implement.

  1. Decorating a lounge room for events

If your arena has a recreation room, it's already a big advantage. It will be a good place for holding different events. You can offer your customers an additional service of decorating the lounge area for parties and special events. Customers will highly appreciate an opportunity to play VR games and enjoy leisure activities at the same time.

2. A console and board games

Such additional services will be in demand for both adults and children. Install PlayStation in the recreation room, and buy interesting board games. You can add the cost of such entertainment to your package offers or offer it as an individual service for a fixed fee.

3. Coffee machine /cotton candy machine

Customers will surely consider it a pleasant addition. Adults will have a chance to relax with a cup of coffee while their children are busy playing in virtual reality. The cotton candy machine will be useful for celebrations and special events.

4. Masterclasses

By organizing various educational events you can attract even more customers to your arena. Master classes can be arranged on any topic. It all depends on your ideas and opportunities.

5. Photo/Video sessions

The virtual reality arena is never boring, it's a world of overwhelming emotions. Take pictures of your customers during the game or set up a photo zone and offer photo sessions. This additional service will be most suitable for special events and celebrations.

The arena can bring you extra income not only when customers play VR games. It's a multi-purpose platform for implementing many ideas. You are not limited by the suggested ideas. Before introducing a new service, it's best to ask what customers think about it.

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