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Common mistakes associated with launching a VR arena. Absence of lounge zone

Absence of lounge zone
20 Dec 2023

If you open a VR club without a rest zone, you lose extra income. Arena brings good profit, but one more entertainment area will give you more opportunities.    

Travelling in VR is challenging. The visitors will want to have a rest and eat something tasty after fighting. You can offer them a comfortable lounge zone with a TV, game console, soft couches, table ad everything they need for a filling meal.   

If you include a lounge zone in holiday package – you’ll get a good bonus and your regular income. Compare: playing in an arena for a team of eight persons costs about 4200 rubles, playing with a lounge zone costs 13 000 rubles.   

Another advantage of a rest room is that your VR club can let more people in. While some people are having fun in a lounge zone, the others play in virtual reality.   

You’re worried because your premises are too small and it’s impossible to find place for rest? Contact us. The team of WARSTATION designers will make your VR arena perfect for resting and having fun.

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