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Common mistakes associated with launching a VR arena. Bad location

Common mistakes
20 Dec 2023

Sometimes entrepreneurs don’t think for a certain time about a place for their business. They buy or rent premises at large gatherings of citizens – the crowd will provide them with a sufficient amount of visitors. But, some time later, it turns out that this doesn’t work – the clients pass by. 

If you want to avoid this problem, learn everything about the place where you want to open a VR arena. It’s better to visit this place and check where the entrance and exit are, what people live near and pass by near the place, will the sign be visible or will it be hidden by the trees, other buildings, shops. Only after that you can decide regarding buying or renting premises.

One more important aspect – check how easy it will be for your clients to reach your VR arena. Find out if there’re public transport stops and a parking lot near an arena.

We already told how and what premises to choose for a VR arena. You can learn more here.

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