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Common mistakes associated with launching a VR arena. Non-observance of marking technology

Non-observance of marking technology
20 Dec 2023

Special lines on the floor of the VR club are there for a reason. If you don’t put them there based on a certain technology, the scenario on a VR arena won’t even start. 

You have to do it to let the headsets estimate the real premises, put this data into virtual reality and build a new world, safe and miraculous for a player.  

In some cases, the owners either forget about marking or paint it in a wrong way. Therefore, VR headset operation becomes unstable.   

We recommend to put contrastive elements on soft floor covering. Here’re several rules you have to remember about.   

  1. You can use regular painting tape for marking.
  2. Paintings on the floor must be unique, there must not be similar paintings on different areas of the arena. In other words, you can’t draw a square in two corners. Geometric figures must be different and chaotic. 
  3. There should be a distance between the lines – no less than 80 cm.   

We provide WARSTATION partners with a full package of documents with recommendations on interior finishing, including a detailed guide of marking painting. We will help to decorate the arena in a nice and right way.

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