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Common mistakes associated with launching a VR arena. Not properly thought through design

Not properly thought through design
20 Dec 2023

Playing in virtual reality won’t be safe for kids and adults if you don’t pay enough attention to important elements of VR area design.  For example – soft covering on the walls and floor.

The right and high-quality design isn’t only about a bright logo, neon signs and colorful interior. Potential audience mostly consists of kids, therefore, you have to make an arena safe for little fidgets. You will need soft covering.

We recommend to use budo mats for floor. They will make traveling in VR without shoes comfortable – no hard falls, no injuries. Also, the players will be able to lie around on the soft covering after a heavy fight.  

Perfect covering for the walls is foam slabs. This is a cheaper option. You’ll need polyurethane foam for columns. First, print banner sheet, then, wrap the soft slabs.  

Thinking not only about the beautifulness and coziness but also safety of your VR arena design, you ensure guarantee of comfortable playing both for yourself and your clients. Soft covering protects equipment from serious damage. If the players touch or drop VR helmets through negligence – you won’t have to buy new ones.

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