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Common mistakes associated with launching a VR arena. Wrong router location

Wrong router location
20 Dec 2023

One of the most important aspects of opening a VR club is stable access to broadband internet. The reason is that all VR equipment interacts with each other via network. That’s why you have to put a Wi-Fi router in the right place.

The signal of the device must be strong enough in the arena with VR headsets. If you put a router in a hidden place, far from an arena – the gameplay won’t be stable. Your visitors will complain of loss of picture, absence of scenario.   

This situation is even likely to cause injury – virtual reality won’t align with reality, the players will bump into each other.

One more important condition – you shouldn’t put a router near metal or concrete constructions or walls. They absorb the signal, thus reducing connection speed and causing connection breaks, the signal in the arena becomes weak and unstable.   

One more useful recommendation. If you want to make sure that there won’t be any problems during a game, before opening an arena, simply take turned on headsets and a Wi-Fi router and walk within the arena. This is how you can make sure that Internet connection is stable and equipment gets the signal.

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