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How did the metauniverse come closer to us?

How did the metauniverse come closer to us?
09 Dec 2022

For a few last years, the metauniverse term became super popular. Last year the heads of Microsoft, Epic Games and Facebook started talking about the development of their own metauniverse.

The term was used by Neal Stephenson first time in 1992. Many people consider that this date is the beginning of new virtual world history. But what is it like? Stephenson wrote that this is the next stage in the development of Internet, uniting real, augmented and virtual reality.

Today many platforms (Roblox, Minecraft, Decentraland) have been creating their own large-scale projects for more than one year, calling them metauniverse. If you immersive yourself in these worlds, you will be surprised how the technologies of the future have advanced.

To avoid an unexpected meeting with new reality, you need to navigate many aspects well. For example, to think about the business in advance for the next 10 years. WARSTATION is a project created especially for these purposes.

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