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How to motivate customers to leave feedback

How to motivate customers to leave feedback
07 Feb 2023

Customers' reviews influence the rating and the number of potential customers in the virtual reality arena. Most often, people read and evaluate the information written about your company on the Internet. Customer feedback helps businesses to stand out from the competition and gain new customers more quickly.

Motivating VR arena visitors to leave comments is an important part of your team's job. Start with a simple thing: after each game session invites visitors to share impressions and record a short video showing their emotions, then post it on the social networks and on the website.

Making your customers happy with discounted prices is an easy and proven way to get feedback. Offer customers to post photos or videos with your arena mark on their personal pages and for doing so, reward them with a discount for the next game.

Both adults and children come to play in virtual reality. The such audience will be delighted to get pleasant bonuses and gifts. Organize a prize drawing of a free game session for feedback. Post the terms and conditions of the drawing on social networks (the format of the feedback, the time period when it must be submitted) and then use a random number generator to choose the winners.

As of today, videos on the social network VKontakte are becoming extremely popular. Virtual reality games are usually much fun and the players are overwhelmed with emotions that's why you can always find suitable content in the arena. Offer your customers to post a video of how they are playing in your arena, and give them a gift certificate for the next game with a discount.

Don't be shy to motivate the visitors of your arena to leave feedback and comments, but don't be too pushy.

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