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Main sources of profit

Main sources of profit
08 Dec 2022

The main question when launching any business, is whether it will bring income. The arenas of virtual reality are a profitable and rapidly developing business. In a short time, the new technology has come a long way, winning the hearts of many people – from moviegoers to video game lovers.

For those who have decided to launch their own arena, but have doubts about profit issues, we have prepared the following plan. The main sources of income from VR arenas:

fee per player or team per game;

holding various events (corporate parties, birthdays, graduations);

sale of food and drinks (non-alcoholic);

launching gift certificates.

For further business development, you can develop and release branded clothing. Merch will also interest visitors and become your additional income and a tool for finding an audience.

You will find all the details about launching a VR business on our website. And you can always talk to us in person.

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