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Myths about VR

Myths about VR
01 Feb 2023

The application of VR technologies has long gone beyond the bounds of the gaming industry. Virtual reality is a form of active leisure and an excellent way to improve and also change the approach to children's and corporate training. But even today many people still believe in false judgments and the harmful effects of VR games.

Let's examine together the myths about virtual reality.

1. It makes you feel motion sick and dizzy

Visitors wear modern Oculus Quest 2 headsets when playing WARSTATION games. The headsets guarantee a comfortable immersion into the virtual reality world without any unpleasant effects. It mostly depends on the player's vestibular system but most often players don't feel any motion sickness or dizziness. Detailed instructions, high definition of the image, and lightweight equipment allow you to feel comfortable in the arena starting from the first minute.

2. VR headsets spoil the eyesight

The equipment has no negative effect on the eyes when it is used correctly. The device is equipped with aspheric lenses so that the eyes could see images from the correct angle - the glasses have a special baffle for that. A one-hour game session in the VR arena won't affect your eyesight in any way. Using the device repeatedly and for a long time can cause overexertion of the eye muscles.

3. It's too complicated to play

Virtual reality is easy, interesting, and very exciting. It won't be difficult - both a child and an adult can figure out how to play in the arena. Detailed instructions are given before every game session. All players are told how to use gamepads, how they should move, and what they can and can't do in the VR arena.

4. You can get injured

The virtual reality arena is a playground with soft covering, players move on the arena without heavy ammunition, and they are equipped only with modern Oculus Quest 2 headsets and gamepads. The player can see objects and barriers only when he is wearing the glasses but in reality, he moves across the free space without a chance to bump into someone or something.

5. Games are not interesting

The VR universe is updated with new developments every day. Now the WARSTATION project offers not only team games but also single-player games. We are developing realistic games that will appeal to any audience.

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