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Not only human beings can play in VR now

Not only human beings can play in VR now
12 Dec 2022

Virtual reality is attracting new players! Mice turned out to become unexpected fans of the VR universe. Last year these rodents were taught to play in virtual reality and a not long time ago special headsets were created for them.

Mice are sent to VR world with the help of a unique device. Small soft balls are used as controllers and mice are placed on the top and fastened. With the help of this development, the rodents can freely move in the game space and they can control the camera by turning it to different sides. All this is done with the purpose to study the animals' behaviour in virtual reality.

With such progress in the VR industry, you can forget about long searches for clients. So the potential audience of virtual reality arenas is expanding right before our eyes. Now there are no boundaries! With each day the meta-universe is becoming available to literally everyone.

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