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Selecting the premises for a Warstation arena

Selecting the premises for a Warstation arena
12 Dec 2022

Choosing the right location and condition of the premises for a virtual reality arena is crucial for the success of your business. We recommend that you open an arena in an easily-accessible location with high-traffic of people. For example, somewhere near the city center or in the densely populated city district.

A bright, compelling sign significantly increases the chances of attracting new customers. Therefore, think over this issue before opening an arena. Once having invested in this outdoor advertising, you'll always be in the spotlight of attention.

It's best to open an arena in the shopping mall or use separate premises for this purpose. The shopping mall provides you with a convenient location and high traffic of customers, but the rental price will be high. And besides, shopping malls limit your business operations by their working hours.

Renting separate premises is an excellent solution for starting businessmen. In this case, the rent will be modest but there are some special issues to be considered.

Pay attention to competitors. You may be lucky to find a perfectly suitable place but there is already a VR arena in the neighbourhood.

Quite often our customers ask us the question - what space is needed for a WARSTATION arena? Recommended minimal size is 150 sq. m. We can adjust the game to suit any premises.

There are no limitations in this business. Our first arena has an area of 204 sq. m. with a lounge area of 29 sq. m, and quite soon there will be an opening of one more arena which is smaller in size - 100 sq. m.

Perfect premises will have a square or rectangular shape with a minimal number of column structures or division walls, with a height of ceilings no less than 2.6 m. If there are windows in the room, then they must be covered by thick curtains not letting the sunlight in.

"I have my own premises, what shall I do?" In this case, send the technical plan to our experts and we will help you create a virtual reality arena.

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