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Should we open a VR arena in 2023?

Should we open a VR arena in 2023?
12 Dec 2022

Every day the application scope of VR technologies is expanding. It's hard to say where virtual reality has not been used yet. It helps to create a powerful effect of product promotion in marketing – you can present the service without many words, displaying all the real advantages on the screen.

VR has been introduced into the educational processes, increasing the efficiency of material delivery. In medicine, doctors are taught and their skills are trained with the help of VR technologies. Virtual reality increases interest in sports.

It is expected that by 2023 there will be about 3 billion active users in the gaming market. In seven years, this number will increase to 4.5 billion. Such a big leap is related to a constant interest in the virtual world, and the new opportunities and experiences that it can give.

In the field of entertainment, the most promising business in the coming years is connected with virtual reality. This business idea is different from other startups:

It does not require huge investments. The minimum package offer of the WARSTATION franchise costs only 299 thousand rubles.

Virtual reality is an easy start for beginners. Beginners will quickly understand all the nuances.

Your business will pay off quickly – it will take only six to nine months. We are saying this from experience and the WORKSTATION project.

The opening of the VR arena is not only profitable and exciting, but you will also have an opportunity to create a festive atmosphere and a good mood for people.

You are not limited only to the arena opening – with the equipment and capabilities of virtual reality, you can always come up with something new. For example, hold events, interesting lectures, master classes, and educational video lessons.

Who is it all for? You will not have this question. VR arenas are of high interest among children and adults. There are no limits and restrictions here – everyone plays virtual reality.

This is a business that will give you a lot of experience, and the best part is that you will not get knocks after unsuccessful attempts to open your own business. By choosing the WARSTATION franchise, you significantly reduce the amount of money spent on the project promotion and launch, you avoid huge difficulties that a beginner may face.

Everything is thought out, calculated and made for you.

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