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TOP 3 popular games in the VR-arena

top games in VR
15 May 2023

We were wondering which games you most often choose on WARSTATION. We looked at the data on open virtual reality arenas, and here are the TOP most popular games.

Sci-Fi City

The future attracts and scares at the same time. The distant year 2250 has come, flying cars surround you, skyscrapers and the unexplored new life. You are fighting for your team like a superhero for freedom and for the opportunity to live peacefully in new realities.


After the nuclear disaster, there was only one safe place left on earth – a bunker. But the peace was broken by the enemies. They stormed in and their only desire is to destroy all life. There is no way to hide anymore and you must take the most important battle.

Wild West

Sultry desert views, angry cowboys, the heat is at its limit… You are the leader of a local gang. The outsiders came to your land. They want to appropriate everything for themselves, destroy the team and establish their own rules. The wild and spirited battle is coming.

Have you already visited these WARSTATION game worlds? If not, you must do it. And if you want, you can create a VR universe in your city. We will help you to make quickly paid back project in virtual reality.

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