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WARSTATION was named a franchise of the year by "Goodwill" business magazine

WARSTATION was named a franchise of the year by "Goodwill" business magazine
22 Dec 2022

The "Business reputation" award ceremony was held on December 1. The Warstation company won 1st place in the nomination "Franchise of the year". Winners and runners-up were determined by experts who evaluated the company's growth rates, profits, and turnover.

"This award has been deserved and won by the whole Warstation team," the company's general director Sergey Tereshchenkov stressed. "We have 82 employees who are all goal-oriented, kind, and open-minded people. And each of them is a real professional in his field. Together we are shaping the future of the entertainment industry.

Our first company creates products that are supplied to 87 countries around the world. We are engaged in developing military-tactical games, sports and arena laser tag, and laser tag biathlon. We have created the laser tag shooting range. We have long been recognised as No. 1 company in the laser tag games industry. As for virtual reality, we are just starting to make our first steps in this field. But given our experience, they are rather successful. Thanks to the organizers of the award for their high appreciationĀ of our work. We'll keep working up to the mark to meet international standards.

Warstation is a network of virtual reality arenas. In 2022 the company opened 50 arenas, not only in Russia but also in Germany, Kazakhstan and Italy. Thanks to the partner franchise model, the brand is rapidly winning more territory of presence. At the moment Warstation is one of the three largest companies engaged in developing VR games.

Franchise of the year

The company's specialists are creating educational team games for children. 8 VR universes are already available, designed and offered as Avatar Party Games. Team games are intended to stir up the brain's neural activity that's why Warstation games are so popular with both children and parents.

Our franchise agreement doesn't oblige the franchisees to pay royalties, lump sum fees, or security payments.

The brand has received the highest points on more than 10 criteria. They included: strength of the financial model, marketing and social aspects of the project, brand image and reputation, economic indices of turnover, profits and growth. Besides examining the documentation, the experts also studied the feedback from acting franchisees and the whole concept of the project.

Let us remind you that the business award "Business Reputation" was initiated in 2017 by the media holding "Goodwill" which owns the business magazine of the same name and business portal "". Over several years the award ceremony has become a meaningful and prestigious event in the business sphere. The prize is awarded to the most outstanding and dynamic businesses on the market, leaders in their industry.

Award in VR

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