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Why did we start WARSTATION franchise?

Why did we start WARSTATION franchise?
06 Nov 2023

WARSTATION isn’t our first project in entertainment area. We successfully started a laser tag club franchise before conquering virtual reality. Thus, the company got a lot of practical experience in the industry and created a global network of entertainment center. Now, we use our knowledge for a new, more modern project that already wins the hearts of entrepreneurs and clients – WARSTATION.

LASERWAR never rests – we are open for innovations and aren’t afraid of them. Virtual reality has just begun to develop, that’s why now is the perfect time to explore it. We succeed in this area.   

WARSTATION team learned about VR technology and began to develop unique original games that both kids and adults love. Good graphic, simple settings, quick and comfortable immersion, variety of weapons, locations and VR avatars make them special. These just a small part of the benefits for a business in virtual game industry.  
Also, we prepared a business package with all documents an owner of VR arena needs at the initial stage. How to start a business, how to find suitable premises, what equipment to buy, how to attract new clients, how to expand your business – these questions won’t be a problem.  

We want virtual reality and entertainment to be available for everyone. That’s why we share our experience with everyone who are ready to launch a super modern business with a reliable partner.

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